Social Bookmarking – The Perfect Strategy in Building Backlinks for Your Site or Blog

Link building has become a routine for every site owner who wants his site wants to make it to the top of search results in the internet. Apparently it seems search engine rule the internet platform and only favors sites which it considers popular. To get your site viewed, you must develop numerous relevant back links so that as the search engine robot crawls other sites with high page ranks, your site is recognized.

One such big method of link building is through social bookmarking. This proven method by search engine experts is the only surest formula that will see your site hit the front pages. It simply involves either bookmarking your websites page or URL. Ensure you also get a code from the bookmark site which you will be able to attach to your website or blog. It is usually embedded below your posts so that when a visitor lands on your website after reading your content, have an easy opportunity to bookmark your site.

Building backlinks using social bookmark sites should be done correctly. You must be able to recognize sites that are relevant to your content and have quality information. You must also realize that not all bookmark sites will give you quality backlinks. So just going about tagging your websites URL on every social bookmark site is not a strategy here. Actually you will be penalized by search engines for spamming. If you are not certain, get an expert to help you with the process.

Bookmarks with high rankings include Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and that will automatically reward you with good page ranks. Your webpage must also have quality and interesting content providing relevant information to the user.

Favors will be given in return if you also bookmark other people's content relevant to your keyword. So don't be mean, it's a social network where people interact.

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