Social Bookmarking Is an Important Part of SEO Strategy

After the introduction of “Web 2.0” the Internet has become more interactive and more important means to communicate with customers. It now helps to share information and build social as well as business connections.

In this new era where information technology is ruling the roost, the importance of social bookmarking in SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) field doesn't wait for an explanation.

What is Social Bookmarking?
When you look Web Pages (in blog) sometimes you get to see a button saying “Digg this” or “” or like that. What are they? They are the shortcuts of some of the “Social Book Marking” sites. What are their functions? They help you to access these bookmarks from any computer connected to the web. It's social aspect is that your favorite bookmarks will be available for others to view and follow as well. Actually, a social bookmarking site is all about telling other members what you have seen on the internet, what have you liked and why. They are now atop of popularity. So it has huge perspective in SEO field.

How to do it?
Wish to get started? Don't worry. It's simple.
First you have to register in a social bookmarking site. Once you get registered you will be able to store bookmarks. There you might be followed the steps like: URL, Title and Tags and finally share with anyone interested in your bookmarks.

What's the profit of it?
It helps you to draw of the community, friends and other enormous traffic sent to you automatically. Even you will come across the few that will like what you have and poke around your website .. If lot of people agree with the value of a bookmark you have placed on they will bookmark it too. And thus your popularity will grow and obviously your site traffic will increase.

1. Keep it honest
2. Put web addresses of your own site.
3. Don't abuse by submitting every page of your site
4. Be judicious and think about what pages of your site may be helpful to make interest to the other web surfers.
5. Match the category relevant to your topic
6. Don't send people who are looking for something totally unrelated to your site.
7. Your social bookmark page should be search engine cached.

Now, maximum website company in their SEO fields use social bookmark as a good means to improve their ranks in search engines.

The social bookmarking sites generally used by SEO professionals are:
1. Digg
4. Reddit
5. Squidoo
6. StumbleUpon
7. BlinkList
8. StumbleUpon
9. Slashdot
10. Simpy
11. Spurl
12. BlinkBits
13. tweetmeme
15. Yahoo MyWeb

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