gpx television reviewWhen I remember songs from the under cabinet radio stations from the 70’s I remember feeling a sense of positivity, inspiration and joy. A sense of expansion, of spiritual awareness, infinity as well as the charged power of universal spirit charges my own body like an electrical current. When hear the lyrics I am reminded preserve our head up continuously! That plain factors are going to get superior! That even though we stroll within the material dimension we are still spiritual beings. And we should never forget this crucial truth.

Radio music from the 70’s was probably the greatest production of songs in any period. And that is across the panel… all genre, from County, Folk, Funk Jazz and Rock. It was superior in many ways due to the fact the artists had been allowed to build freely. Working with rich poetic lyrics that mix imagery and complicated storylines. Like Gordon Lightfoot’s haunting, “If You Could Study My Thoughts”, Jim Croce’s, “Time in a Bottle”, and Breads “Diary“. Of course the classic “Resort California” is a cross generational hit that is played at campfires by younger musicians. Dolly Parton, Charlie Glen and Wealthy Campbell county tracks had been all hits. And we all sang them. John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High” and Thank God I m a Country Boy” all songs their tracks went quantity one particular at the top 40 charts.

The stories in the tracks had been usually told/track within the 3rd person. Think about Lightfoot’s “Wreck from the Edmund Fitzgerald” s Directed Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”, Elton John’s “Daniel”. World Wind and Fire would sing directly at the listener with “Keep You Check out the Sky” and “Shining Superstar”. It was an art kind that is hardly ever applied today.

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That creativity didn’t stop there! There was an explosion of tracks that mixed styles. From Steele Dan’s Jazz infused pop, for the band Yes which mixed classical songs with rock and jazz producing musical compositions that Mozart would have been amazed with. Jethro Tull blazing execution around the flute not to mention Pink Floyd! The Philly Sound with Hall and Oates exploded around the picture using the R and B. Earth Fire and Wind with their mixture of genre bending music creating a sophisticated blend of gospel, soul, rock and Brazilian rhythms. Reggae became popular increasingly. Black music reflected a note of spirituality and optimistic message, and political unrest being as sung by legends as Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder.

radio under kitchen cabinetUnder Counter Radio stations back inside the early part of the 70’s played all songs at that time. There wasn’t segregated r / c. A definite radio station, KFRC in San Francisco would play Elton John, tower of Power and Dolly Parton in exactly the same hour then. Songs could be played longer than 3;40 seconds. As far as I know, nobody complained. As a young children I sit and sing to every one of those songs.

But it was the live concerts and performances these trailblazers would shine. Their musicianship and performances were of such high execution it could rival a lot of today’s music. Songs, in those full days, had been a well-planned live arrangements, with sophisticated musicianship, and strong performances. From the Doobie Brothers, to America, to Parliament and Al Greene, the live musicianship and sound was at a higher level! Often I come across a young boy or girl playing Stairway to Heaven. It makes me smile! Since it presents proof that the Songs from the 70’s will endure!


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